Route 270 is the beltway that circles Columbus. From Route 70, on the East side or the West side, proceed on 270 north. The office is in the Northwest quadrant of the city. If coming from 270 on the West side pass the Dublin exit (US 161 / 33) and proceed to Saw Mill Road. If coming from the east side of Columbus, proceed on 270 first heading North and then West on the upper of the 270 beltway passing Interstate 71, then Route 315, and proceed to the Saw Mill Road exit. Get off Saw Mill Road heading North to the 2nd red light North of the Ford Dealership. Take a right at that 2nd light on Sawbury Blvd. At the back end of the Ford Dealership the first set of office buildings are made of brick. The second set of office buildings is stucco. On Sawbury Blvd. Make a right hand turn into the set of stucco office buildings and the plackard in the upper corner of the building complex shows Gilson Sales at 2697 Sawbury Blvd. It is the 3rd building in the left hand side with the address of 2697 detailed on the window with Gilson Sales, Inc.